450 gold – Divided 3 ways for Val, Carric, and Dylan.

Shield of Deflection – Grimm

2 emeralds worth 50 GP each – not divided
10 GP – not divided
120 GP worth of jewelry – not divided

Kobold Hoard:
Frostwolf Pelt +1 (Carric)
Amulet of Honor (Dylan)
Terror Execution Axe – Black dragon wings. +1 (Erik)
Reading Spectacles (not assigned)
Reflective Hide +1 (Matteo)
Challenge seeking Bastard Sword (Kuros’s Blade) (Matteo)

Dragon’s Hoard
Mithril Scale +1 (Grimm)
Vigiliant Fullbade +1 (Valorie)
Northwind (Cold Greatbow) (Matteo)
720 GP


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