The Great Lake

The Great Lake is the largest body of water in Remthal, and in the surrounding regions. Only half of the lake was clamed by Remthal, the rest bordering other regions. This fresh water lake is home to various fish..

Around the shore of the lake are a smattering of fishing villages, populated by an extended family of halflings. These villages had some agriculture and animal husbandry, but primarily for the essentials. Their catches from the lake provided both the primary food source as well as the primary source of outside trade.

The surplus catch would be taken by boat to Pel Harbor, where the halflings would trade for things they could not make themselves. Merchants would come down the King’s Road to trade, bringing the goods north and south as desired, using dwarven chests filled with snow from the mountains to keep the fish cold and fresh. The most daring merchants commissioned glass tanks and paid a premium for live fish, but this was an expensive enterprise.

Some halflings also made their living by scavenging the islands in the lake; these hold ruins that predate the founding of Remthal, which might be linked to some ancient form of elves or to some other race. A risk-taking halfling crew can find a relic here which will turn quite a few coins.

The Great Lake

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