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  • The climate is temperate with four distinct seasons.
  • The region is made up of central plains, with forests to the west, mountains to the north, marshlands, rivers, and a lake to the east, and then marchlands to the south.
  • The elves are predominant in the western woods; some gnomes and eladrin reside in these areas as well, along with a smattering of other fey (dryads, treants) and pests (goblins)
  • Lizardmen tribes inhabit the eastern regions, spreading out from the swamps. They make their lair somewhere in that area near where the mountain rivers pour in to the swamps.
  • The primal spirits have shrines located all over, but many are in hiding because of persecution by the church of Erathis.


  • The region was united by a warrior-heroine named Rema. She guided her clan to dominance, and brought the other clans underneath hers.
  • These clans settled in to the lands allocated to them by Rema. These became the villages, and the clan-leaders became the nobility.
  • There are many myths and stories about Rema and her conquest of the region.
  • Among them is the story of the Emperor of Nerath, who was so captivated by Rema’s beauty and might that he made her a queen rather than conquer her area.
  • During the reign of the fifth ruler of Rema’s line, orcs began to venture out of their traditional region. The raids began, and then were unified. Over the course of a year, the orc horde burned many of the villages, broke many of the temples, and even broke through a siege of Castle Rema.


  • The primary worship of Erathis came after Rema’s death.
  • This worship drove other faiths and spiritualism (including the worship of primal spirits) from the main stage of the region.
  • Many areas in the region have weaknesses between the world of the Shadowfell. Many monasteries and temples are built on these spots to guard them.


  • Many areas in the region border in to the Feywild.
  • The region has several leylines running through it.
  • During the orc attack, Dolthan used magic that was different from the primal and divine magic used by orc shamans and priests; this arcane might let him strike with black fire trailing from his spear.

DC 10

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