Legends of Remthal

Session 1: Beginnings

Heroes Assemble

Orcs Attack a Refugee Camp

As the session begins, the refugee camp that Grimm has protected ever since the kingdom fell is attacked by a group of orcs. Holding the young girl, Lilly, hostage, they demand to be told where “the Sage” has gotten.

As Grimm prepares to face the orcs, two strangers, Matteo and Valorie arrive in the scene. The three heroes cut the orcs down, and rescue the girl, without any casualties.

The three heroes make their introductions: Grimm, a dwarven soldier that has cared for his human family ever since he helped them first escape the orcs; Matteo, a ranger who was raised in the royal household as a close friend of the prince; and Valorie, a cleric who has turned to Kord in these trying times and is now seeking after her brother, Finn, who she believes to be alive even though seven years have passed since their village fell.

While the villagers repay their heroes with a rabbit stew, Matteo goes over the orcs belongings, finding a map, a sketch of an amulet he recognizes as once belonging to the king, and a sketch of Telemon, the king’s sage who taught both him and the prince.

Matteo recognizes the drawing, and realizes that Telemon must be in grave danger.
None of the villagers were able to tell where the old man had gotten to in the past two years since they had seen him, except for a young boy named Simon, who had the makings of a mage. Telemon had taught Simon how to read before leaving, and had been told the sage’s location.

Convincing Simon that Telemon needed to be found for his protection, Matteo was able to learn the location of some ruins in the northern mountains where Telemon fled to.

Valorie opted to go along, believing that the sage’s ritual magic could help her find her brother. Grimm went along, believing that the risk of the orcs finding the sage would be greater than what his home would face without him.

The battle of the bridge

Setting out from the camp, the trio’s travels were simple until they came across a bridge held by some bandits. One of the bandits recognized Matteo from an orc wanted poster advertising “to young girls of breeding stock” in exchange for his head.

After a fight that left Valorie and Matteo sore from fighting off the humans, and left Grimm soaked and smelling of wet dwarf, they bested the goons (except for one who fled). As they approached the camp, they see a heavy back shaking and squirming…

Location: 5 miles north of the refugee camp.
XP: 370 per player.
Treasure: A scroll with a map, a sketch of the king’s amulet, and a sketch of Telemon. The bandit’s camp has not been looted yet.



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