Legends of Remthal

Untrustworthy Guards?
The rescued party

Arak and Trill, leading a fighting force of dragonborn, crashed through the Wyrmood; Arak’s frostbrand sword and ice breath carved the way, and Trill’s cunning lead them to the bandit camp in time to find the rest of the band.

Outside of the cave, they found a very angry Tully, who took command of the attack and charged in. Following after, Arak and his group tore in to the guards.

Kerith was able to break free, knocking out one of the guards before reuniting with her foster father; Tully and Trill mauled and shocked (respectively) the others to carve their way to dwarves and the captive Dagarn.

While the dragonborn teased Dagarn, and Arak chewed out both his commander and his near daughter, Marthan and Tully reunited, and others searched the complex. While they found beds and food, they didn’t find much in the way of treasure and even less in terms of information; the lead bandits, including the dragonborn, had left, and had either killed Melechor or taken him with them.

Metaphorical tails between their legs, Kerith and Dagarn spent the trip back to Crossings contemplating the many, many flaws that Arak had outlined for them in a booming voice.

That evening at the town, as accommodations were being arranged, Dagarn and Marthan scanned the crowd. There were a great many sellswords about, and a lot more town guard than a village the size of Crossings really needed.

While some of that might be due to the bandits in the region and the political situation to the east, Marthan noticed that some of the sellswords had mud on their boots; as if they had been hiking in the woods.

This observation, as well as the sheer number of blades in the town, caused the party to suspect something was up. As Arak paid out his promised gold to the party (Sans Kerith and Dagarn), they discussed next steps. Gerda was given the task of further investigation, after Arak explained more about how Crossings was a self-governed town, and Whitehold had no jurisdiction past the road.

Part of the conversation centered around Dagarn and Kerith believing that the cult of Tiamat was involved; both Karush and the leader had mocked and attempted to bribe the Whitehold knights, and in doing so tipped their hand.

Incited by this, Arak asked for them to continue investigating, but to make no strong moves that might land them in danger or might cause problems for Whitehold.

The next day, the party went to inform the mayor of the danger in the region. Mayor Bart’s office was busy, leaving Gerda and Marthan to stand in line, while the others hung out and watched business.

Merchants coming in were paying, in addition to taxes, a fee for the guards to escort them to the next town; and some of those guards, from the group’s observations, were the same sellswords from before.

The mayor was busy, so after overhearing the conversation of a tiefling merchant named Aziz who was importing spices from the west, the party made an appointment for the next morning.

On their way out, Marthan noticed (with a 26 perception check!) that one of the guards going with Aziz carried the same type of horn that the bandits had used.

Deciding to follow after the guards to confirm or disprove their growing suspicions, the party left the town going east, at a distance from Aziz.

When the bandits passed an axe stuck in to a nearby tree stump with a green scarf around it, the leader blew the horn. Two of the guards armed with crossbows shot at Aziz, almost felling him.

The party engaged, showing their strengths in out-door combat as they surrounded and overwhelmed the crooked guards; Aziz used desert magic to protect him, but ended up passing out with an arrow in him.

In the aftermath of battle, Gerda went and healed Aziz. Hearing roars in the distance, drawing closer, they hid Aziz under the wagon and took a quick rest, with Trill climbing a tree to watch out for whatever is making that noise.

The Quest to the Dragon Ruins (Pts 1 & 2)
To the dragon ruins, and back again.

Friends, New and Old

The party awoken the next day to find a new arrival; Eric, the second son of a noble family. Eric grew up idealizing the combat skills of his older brother and father, both accomplished knights of the realm. However, his lot was trained to be a priest by his tutor, a who served the God of Knowledge Ioun; the priest had traveled with Eric’s mother from her native land, and when Orcs cutdown Eric’s family, spirited the lad away.

After many long years, Eric’s tutor died, leaving him to seek out Telemon as his master’s last request.

As the group caught Eric to speed about the nature of their quest, Valorie spoke to the sage about the location of her brother, Finn. the lad had gone missing during the raid on the village; of her family, Valorie had believed she was the only one alive. She had a dream, and an unshakable belief that he was alive. Telemon agreed to use his ritual magic to try and find information for the boy.

It was then that Matteo found the rest of the party after his delay returning the injured Baker to the refugee camp.

Matteo and Telemon shared an embrace. Telemon told the ranger and his friends that when the castle was besieged, the king had given the Amulet of Honor to one of his knights. The warrior had ventured forth in to the mountains, looking for a way to learn how to use the amulet to hopefully avenge the king. Kuros, the knight, had learned from Telemon that there were ruins of an ancient race that had taught Rema about the worship of Erathis.

Not knowing the fate of the knight, but knowing the amulet must be found to keep it from Dolthan’s clutches, the party set out.

Goblin Ambush

Along the way, the party was ambushed by goblins, that were using ravens to scout. The party detected the ambush and turned it against the goblins.

Carric, with a heavy heart, even tried to slay the ravens; death was better than Dolthan’s corruption. But the agony of his decision to hurt a natural creature caused his aim to fail.

The goblins, however, had no protection from the adventurer’s wrath. Eric lashed about with his axe while standing astride a boulder that the goblin’s had dropped on the party. Carric and Dylan used fire, plant, and holy light to smite their foes, while Grimm, Matteo, and Valorie struck hard and fast.

In the aftermath, they found a letter from someone named Rook, offering the goblins gold and more in exchange for the death of the party.

Fearing that Dolthan was using his carrion birds and their grisly prizes for some ritual to gain knowledge, the party pierced the eyes of their slain foes. Messy work, but essential to blind the ravens’ lord.

Dragon Ruins

The party found the ruins that Kuros had ventured to. Built at a low point in the mountains, the ruins had a wall around them, and a temple in the back built in to the mountains.

They entered, and began to investigate. Dylan investigated monoliths by the entrance, while Carric and Matteo peered through the ruin building. Seeing bobbing, shifting, skulking shadows, the two pushed a little further. Carric’s knowledge of nature helped him identify the creatures; kobolds.

Eric and Dylan were able to determine that these ruins couldn’t be made by kobolds. Pressing further but not engaging, Valorie, Eric, and Dylan found the temple and examined a great dragon with Erathis’s symbol. The three, with different backgrounds of religion and lore, were able to determine that the natives must have revered dragons, and worshipped Erathis in the form of a great marble dragon.

Unable to read the writing, but aware of kobold traps, the group went in to the temple.

Keen eyes of Carric, Matteo, and Dylan revealed that the kobolds had placed may bear traps and dug holes, and covered them with salvaged rugs, carpets, and furs. The party engaged a trio of temple guards, when the guards attacked them first. Eric slew the aggressor, and the party was able to disable the rest without permanent harm.

Catching their breath and weaving through the traps, they found a great door; pushing it in lead them in to a lair of the kobold leader and his templar. Hefting white dragon scales as shields, the dragonshields attacked the group, while Eric flew over the battlefield in a burst of light to cut off the limb of the wymrpriest.

Magic clashed through the fight; Carric summoned a giant frog that almost ate a kobold, and the rest pulled their punches to avoid killing.

Tossing the disable kobolds outside of the room and shutting the door, they healed the leader enough to find out that he was not going to be easy to dealt with.

Kept so far away from the rest of his tribe, with a greater amount of food and wealth, it seemed that the priest had been using the other kobolds to gather wealth for him.

With the kobold trapped and in no danger of death, the party rested.

The Ice Cave

When the party awoke the next morning, they did some puttering. Looking through books, eating, and so on. Eric and Dylan studied a book of history Telemon gave them, discovering census records that mentioned, among other things, Valorie and her younger brother Finn.

Once they had taken care of the necessities and were ready to proceed, the party explored the cave dug in to the back of the temple; the wind coming from it was ice cold, and the way the kobolds acted towards it suggested it had some special significance. The group agreed that in order to secure the city, they would need to investigate the cave for danger.

When they reached the end of the cave, they found a great cave, home to a dragon. The party hid, but the dragon returned, and sensed them. Seeing Valorie’s sword sticking outside of her hiding spot, it roared at her. The warrior cleric roared back, charging to attack; the dragon, in response, trampled her.

The battle was brutal, but quick. Matteo poured arrow after arrow in a tight cluster on the flank of the dragon, while Eric scored a powerful hit on the front. Carric and Dylan used their respective powers to hinder the dragon, as Grimm kept it distracted by striking at its wings and sides. Valorie lent Kord’s strength to the group as she struck. While the freezing breath and terrible claws brought down Grimm and Valorie, the party succeeded.

Although not before the dragon’s slaves, kobolds with frozen blue skin, could try to come to their master’s rescue. The dragon ate one of them, regaining strength, an action which infuriated Dylan. In a moment of clarity, the invoker began to understand the draconic language.

When the dragon was slain, the party did not attack the kobolds; instead, they reasoned with them. Taking what treasure was immediately useful, they returned to the ruined city.

The Kobold Trial

Finding out of the conditions, and the way the wyrmpriest had sold his people in to slavery against the frost dragon, the party guided the kobold villagers in to trying their wyrmpriest for his exploitation and murder. Dylan pronounced the wyrmpriest guilty after a lengthy debate, and it was the leader of the kobold slaves that carried out the sentence.

h3.Back to Telemon

Leaving the kobolds to work out their new structure, the party left in peace and friendship, returning to Telemon. They discussed the amulet, and their plans.

The sage had determined that Finn might be located at a slave camp on the border of the foothills. This information, combined with the burning desire to cast out Dolthan and his ilk, lead the group to concoct a plan to raid the slave camps and to liberate the citizens there, to begin forming a militia. They hoped that the kobolds would take in those too old, young, or weak to fight.

With that, they set out again.

The Search Continues

Note: Matteo was not present for this session.

Cleaning Up After the Bandits

While Matteo looted the bodies of the bandits and did some scouting, Val and Grimm investigated the camp. There, they found a halfling who had been beaten, robbed, and tossed in to a sack; presumably to be sold to the orcs.

Nebin, the halfling, asked if he could accompany the rest of the group. He had left his family to go exploring, before the bandits had caught him. Even though he had faced adversity, he wasn’t interested in returning home just yet.

A bit wary because of the halfling’s stature, Val and Grimm agreed. Matteo scouted ahead trying to find a clear path, and the group moved forward.

While Matteo was scouting, the rest of the party heard a death-cry over the next hill…

The Terror of Orcs

Nebin dashed ahead, trying to hide, as he saw a group of orcs with three human prisoners. The humans had been tied with ropes, and one of them had been slain; it seemed that the orcs were trying to interrogate the scared humans.

The lead orc, a massive brute with a greatsword, sniffed out the halfling. With a cry, both orcs and adventurers lead in to combat.

The fierce orc terror and his companion, a marauder, charged in; the two succeeded in knocking Grimm and Valorie around, supported by the powerful shots of an orc bolt thrower, a warrior-female.

Grimm rushed through the two to attack the orc raider that was holding the prisoner’s hostage, after the raider slew another of the hostages.

One of the orcs had priestly magic, and using a curse from his wounded eye socket, he began to weaken the adventurers, making them more vulnerable to his allies attacks.

The party received unexpected aid from Dylan, a wandering judge devoted to Erathis, who had been traveling the foothills recording the stories of the people and reminding them of their duty to the law and civilization. After seeing the crimes of the orcs and the plight of the adventurers struggling against the powerful brutes, he joined the battle.

Calling down bright, burning light on the orcs, he drew the ire of the orc terror. As Valorie and Nebin battles the marauder, and Grimm rescued the hostage, Dylan dashed through the underbrush, using his magic to daze and sear the orc chasing him.

Valorie and Nebin slew their foe, but not without price; Nebin became weakened by the orc’s divine magic. Valorie rushed to test her own might against the priest, and Nebin rushed to aid Dylan.

The nimble halfling’s thrown dagger took the brute in the eye, and with a roar of pain, the orc hacked at the halfling. Neither Nebin’s agility nor Dylan’s protective light proved able to prevent the rage of the enraged orc, and the great sword stabbed through Nebin, slaying the halfling.

Fueled by rage, Grimm struck down his foe and charged the terror, crushing his chest with a single powerful blow.

The party rallied, cutting down the two remaining orcs, sorrow in their hearts over the plight of their friends.

Nebin’s Rest

Dylan introduced himself to the group as Matteo returned. They freed the last hostage, and Dylan took his name as well as that of his wife and brother, who the orcs had slain. Before the war, he had been a baker, and his wife had been from a family of farmers.

The group dug graves and performed Erathis’s burial rights over the three fallen, as a raven picked over the corpses of the orcs. After having pulled out the remaining eye of the orc that had slain Nebin, the raven took off, its gory treat dangling from its beak.

Dylan noticed the bird, and followed it with his keen eyes; the bird was flying to Castle Rema, now Dolthan’s fortress. This, combined with a second copy of the map and sketches, lead Dylan to join with the party; he recognized that the drawn amulet was a sacred relic of Rema and Erathis, and wanted to know why Telemon would have it, and why Dolthan was after it.

Matteo escorted the baker back to the refugee camp, telling the rest of the party he would catch up. The rest went ahead, still in a cloud of sorrow over Nebin’s fall.

The Dwarven Merchant

The party were in to the mountains proper; Dylan was growing exhausted, both by the walk and with the wound he had suffered fighting the orc terror. Still, they pressed on, encountering a small group of goblins. The party fought through with a little exhaustion, but no real injuries.

However, after a few more miles, they encountered another band of goblins – attacking a dwarven merchant and his two guards. Grimm charged ahead, seeing that his kin were in danger, and the rest of the party followed.

While Grimm was showing the caravan guards how to really fight, a new comer engaged in the battle. Carric, an elf druid who was also seeking Telemon in order to figure out a way to drive the orcs back.

Carric, and his hawk companion, aided the dwarves and the party with the goblins.

Instead of slaying them all, one goblin, Yik-tak, surrendered. Dyaln ruled that according to the laws of Remthal, the goblin had to work off the cost of whatever they could have stolen. Thus, Yik-Tak became a guide, a porter, and a weapon polisher for the merchant.

The merchant, who was an old friend of Grimm’s father, recognized Grimm and gave him some good news from home. He then rewarded Grimm with a new shield, and offered gold to the rest of his rescuers.

Taking Grimm’s old shield to give to the dwarf’s mother, the merchant headed off, letting the party advance up the final peaks, to the hermit’s recluse.

Telemon, at last!

The party climbed the final slope, reaching what Dylan recognized as an old shrine to Erathis. Grimm recognized it as dwarven construction, and ancient at that. They found Telemon sleeping within; waking the sage, they explained why they were there and what was going on down in the lower lands.

The sage began to tell them the story of Rema and the Four Amulets, as he let the party share his food stores. The party ate while listening, until the sage dozed off again. Instead of waking them, they decided to rest themselves in the fires of the shrine, while they waited for Matteo.

Loot and experience
XP: 494 XP.
450 gold – Divided 3 ways for Val, Carric, and Dylan.
Shield of Deflection – Grimm
2 emeralds worth 50 GP each – not divided
10 GP – not divided
120 GP worth of jewelry – not divided
Session 1: Beginnings
Heroes Assemble

Orcs Attack a Refugee Camp

As the session begins, the refugee camp that Grimm has protected ever since the kingdom fell is attacked by a group of orcs. Holding the young girl, Lilly, hostage, they demand to be told where “the Sage” has gotten.

As Grimm prepares to face the orcs, two strangers, Matteo and Valorie arrive in the scene. The three heroes cut the orcs down, and rescue the girl, without any casualties.

The three heroes make their introductions: Grimm, a dwarven soldier that has cared for his human family ever since he helped them first escape the orcs; Matteo, a ranger who was raised in the royal household as a close friend of the prince; and Valorie, a cleric who has turned to Kord in these trying times and is now seeking after her brother, Finn, who she believes to be alive even though seven years have passed since their village fell.

While the villagers repay their heroes with a rabbit stew, Matteo goes over the orcs belongings, finding a map, a sketch of an amulet he recognizes as once belonging to the king, and a sketch of Telemon, the king’s sage who taught both him and the prince.

Matteo recognizes the drawing, and realizes that Telemon must be in grave danger.
None of the villagers were able to tell where the old man had gotten to in the past two years since they had seen him, except for a young boy named Simon, who had the makings of a mage. Telemon had taught Simon how to read before leaving, and had been told the sage’s location.

Convincing Simon that Telemon needed to be found for his protection, Matteo was able to learn the location of some ruins in the northern mountains where Telemon fled to.

Valorie opted to go along, believing that the sage’s ritual magic could help her find her brother. Grimm went along, believing that the risk of the orcs finding the sage would be greater than what his home would face without him.

The battle of the bridge

Setting out from the camp, the trio’s travels were simple until they came across a bridge held by some bandits. One of the bandits recognized Matteo from an orc wanted poster advertising “to young girls of breeding stock” in exchange for his head.

After a fight that left Valorie and Matteo sore from fighting off the humans, and left Grimm soaked and smelling of wet dwarf, they bested the goons (except for one who fled). As they approached the camp, they see a heavy back shaking and squirming…

Location: 5 miles north of the refugee camp.
XP: 370 per player.
Treasure: A scroll with a map, a sketch of the king’s amulet, and a sketch of Telemon. The bandit’s camp has not been looted yet.
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